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Soltis is another fabric from Serge Ferrari.  It is a mesh fabric and comes in a variety of shade levels.  We use the 86 for most of our sunshades and awnings (the 96 is really shady but hard to see through)  Soltis is a very high performance material- it is designed for shade awnings that are in the sun every day for years (usually over 10 years).  Pros-  Very long life Variety of colors super durable Compact/ easily folds which is great for sunshades that have to be stowed. The 86 mesh is perfect for sunshades on a boat, shades a lot of the sun out, but also can see out of it easily. Cons Very expensive Best uses are...

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Stamoid is a very high end/high performance vinyl coated polyester fabric that is manufactured by a company called Serge Ferrari.  It comes in several types (light, top, pure, ect) for different applications.  It comes in a reasonable number of colors. Pros- Outstanding life- stamoid is well known to last 10+ years in the harsh Florida sun Unique look- the glossy finish fits cleanly with many powerboats and sportfish boats, almost looks like fiberglass, which is pretty cool. Waterproof- stamoid stays waterproof for its entire life so no need to recoat with waterproofing. (note- stamoid has a annoying habit of leaking if the fabricator uses the wrong size needle, and sometimes leaks even with the correct size needle.  Only solution is to...

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Choosing the Right Fabric- Sunbrella

One of the top decisions you will have to make when you purchase any marine canvas product is going to be what type of fabric to use for the project.  So, I will be posting reviews of fabrics that are common in the marine industry detailing what each fabric is good for, and what it is not good for.  Sunbrella- Overview-Sunbrella material is made by Glen Raven Mills. It is a woven Acrylic fabric that has a waterproof coating.  It is available in a huge variety of color and is the goto fabric choice for a vast majority of canvas products. Pros- Breathable- lets moisture out= less mildew,  Excellent life- Darker colors do better, I routinely see black, navys, dark...

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