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Sailboat Awnings- Aft (Main) Awnings
Sailboat Awnings- Aft (Main) Awnings
Sailboat Awnings- Aft (Main) Awnings

Sailboat Awnings- Aft (Main) Awnings

$ 796.00

Lippincott Marine deck awnings are built in the Lippincott tradition of using only the best materials available coupled with unparalleled craftsmanship and design.  These awnings are designed to last 10+ years in even the harshest environments.

  • High quality- available in a variety of quality fabrics and colors, heavy duty aluminum poles that collapse for easy storage
  • Shade for the cockpit and fore deck- cooler on deck and below deck (a/c wont have to work as hard to keep cabin cool)
  • Easy up and easy down- all our awnings are designed to be easily set up and taken down
  • Sleek design looks great and can withstand higher wind loads than traditional flat awnings.
  • Our design allows crew to walk around on deck without having to duck

All Lippincott Awnings come with-

  • Heavy duty 2" schedule 40 Polished Aluminum poles that are collapsible
  • Outboard tie down system
  • 10' fwd and aft strap
  • Center Bridle
  • Heavy duty storage/carry bag

*The awnings come with everything you will need to set up on most boats, however, some boats will require additional straps/hardware.Please see our accessories section for a wide variety of straps and tie downs.

 Please call technical support if you have any questions about what you will need for your particular boat.